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Clinical Trials

Find information and inquire about enrolling in open clinical trials.

At Blue Note, we are dedicated to the development of prescription-only apps, sometimes referred to as digital therapeutics, to ease the emotional burden of cancer.

Clinical trials are an important step in this process. We’re working with patients every step of the way to bring new therapeutic options to those living with cancer. Blue Note’s apps are first of their kind in the field of cancer care, and once approved, they will be available only through a prescription from your medical provider. Explore our Clinical Trials today to join our mission and help advance the future of cancer care.

About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies conducted to determine the safety and effectiveness of new or existing interventions, such as a new drug, medical device or counseling program. They are an integral part of the advancement of new therapies to shape the treatment landscape.

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Blue Note Therapeutics Clinical Trials

Blue Note’s clinical trials are designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of digital therapeutics in alleviating the distress caused by cancer - from diagnosis all the way through to survivorship.

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Protecting Your Safety & Privacy

Blue Note upholds the highest ethical standards as we seek to ease the burden of cancer for all patients through the development of prescription digital therapeutics.

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Potential Benefits of Clinical Trial Participation

Blue Note understands the decision to join a clinical trial is not always easy. Becoming aware of the potential benefits that trials may offer can help a patient to make this decision.

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Our commitment to clinical trial participants

To prioritize the rights, safety and well-being of all study participants

To design trials to reach diverse communities

To ensure data privacy & safety

To enable transparency of study findings once available

Current Clinical Trials
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