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Exploring Cancer-Related Distress Through the Eyes of Patients Video Series

By Kim King

Cancer-related distress impacts nearly everyone with a cancer diagnosis. Yet, it can be difficult to navigate, and often goes unrecognized or unaddressed. In Blue Note’s Recognizing Cancer-Related Distress: Patient Perspectives, we explore the stress, anxiety and depression that can accompany any stage of cancer, from diagnosis to survivorship. Through a series of short videos, you’ll hear firsthand from patients who share their experiences and provide tips to others living with cancer.

Exploring Cancer-Related Distress Through the Eyes of Patients Video Series

Lewis Christie

Meet “Lew” Christie. An avid reader and music connoisseur, Lew was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in 2012.

Ricki Fairley

As someone who has been through stage III, triple-negative breast cancer, Ricki Fairley’s personal mission is to eradicate black breast cancer. Co-founder of Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, she is supporting and coaching fellow women through their breast cancer experience.

Stacey Tinianov

Breast cancer survivor and community advocate, Stacey is passionate about creating environments that support individuals and their families through the emotional intricacies of cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship.

Anne Marie Mercurio

Anne Marie is a cancer survivor and dedicated advocate. She has worn many hats as not only a cancer survivor but a caregiver, research advocate and author.

Justin Birckbichler

Meet Justin, testicular cancer survivor and founder of He is passionate about spreading awareness about testicular cancer, promoting open conversation on men’s health, and talking about the unspoken realities of being a cancer survivor.

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